Going Green

Going Green

Adams Electric is working to keep the world green for today and tomorrow! Though the true reward is preserving the environment for future generations, Adams Electric has been recognized for its pioneering efforts to deliver electricity reliably and affordably while preserving our natural resources.

Co-op Fares Well With Energy Standards

A report finds that Adams Electric is complying with federal standards that require utilities to implement advanced smart grid technology and help members save energy.

Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence

Adams Electric received the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence from Gov. Tom Ridge in 2000. The Energy-Efficiency/Renewable Award was given for the co-op's projects and programs, such as the U-Shift, U-Save (load control) program.

Gettysburg/Adams Chamber of Commerce Environmental Stewardship Award

This award acknowledges Adams Electric's load management program and its positive impact on reducing emissions from fossil-fuel power plants and controlling costs for business and residential consumers.


The co-op offers its members a peak-reduction device to briefly shift the use of electrical current to water heaters, electric thermal storage units and air conditioner compressors in the summer months to off-peak times. This is only used during a peak demand for electricity to save energy. Peak demand periods occur when everyone on the electric grid is trying to heat or cool their homes at the same time. To join the over 10,000 other co-op members in this program, and get monthly savings, call toll-free 888/232-6732.

We support environmentally friendly organizations...

... and drive toward a better environment.