Adams Electric Election & Credentials Committee

Adams Electric Election & Credentials Committee

The Election & Credentials Committee is made up of 12 randomly selected member volunteers representing all nine zones. One member from each director zone is selected for the committee by the board of directors at its December meeting. A second committee member is also selected in each of the three zones where a board seat is up for election that year.

The Election Committee supervises the process for electing directors. This includes acting as a nominating committee in the event that no petition is received from a zone where a director is to be elected.

Committee members fulfill their responsibilities during the following meetings:

  • Early February, an organizational meeting is held to validate candidate petitions.
  • Mid-February for a candidate meeting if applicable.
  • March at the member (zone) meetings -- committee members give an Election Committee report in their zone. If there is a contested election in a zone, committee members count collect ballot position election votes which help determine the order of the names in that zone on the general election ballot.
  • The day before the annual meeting, committee members certify mail-in ballots.
  • At the annual meeting, committee members count the ballots cast in person and announce the winners of the election.

For each meeting attended, the members of the Election Committee receive a small stipend and are reimbursed for mileage.


Certifying candidates

OVERSEEING THE 2013 ELECTION: Adams Electric’s independent Election and Credentials Committee met to certify candidates running for open seats on the co-op’s board of directors.


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