Adams Electric linemen earn promotions

Adams Electric promoted three Gettysburg District linemen in the operations department this summer, after each passed a series of skills tests and a written safety test.

Lineman Shane Atherton moved to journeyman third class, effective June 4. Atherton started with Adams in 2017 as a third-year apprentice. He resides in Aspers.

Lineman Gary Hodges moved to fourth-year apprentice, effective July 11. Hodges started with Adams in 2017 as a second-year apprentice. He resides in Orrtanna.

Keep Nuclear Power Viable in Pa

From the time our alarm goes off, we’re on the grid. Electricity powers much of our daily lives. And as long as the lights come on, we don’t give it much thought. We rarely think about where our electricity comes from.

But as a consumer-member of Adams Electric, you have an ownership interest in your power resources. Did you know, most of the energy used in cooperative homes and businesses throughout the Commonwealth is generated by self-owned nuclear power? It’s true. In Pennsylvania, nuclear power is co-op power.

Adams Electric to begin helicopter patrols

Weather permitting, Gettysburg-based Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. is planning to start a comprehensive aerial patrol of its distribution system in portions of York County on or around March 13.

The aerial inspections will then continue until all critical lines and feeds belonging to the cooperative power system throughout Adams, upper Franklin and Lower Cumberland counties are also surveyed from the air. This can take two-three months to complete, depending on the flying conditions.

2019 Director Election

The Adams Electric director election process began in December as packets became available in each district office for interested candidates to apply. Packets were certified by the Credentials and Election Committee Feb. 6 at its first 2019 meeting. Seven candidates were certified and are listed below by zone. The process will conclude at the co-op's annual meeting May 4. All candidate information presented is posted as it was submitted to the committee.

Practice Cold Weather Safety

Health officials have warned residents to stay indoors as much as possible, since the brutal cold can become dangerous in just minutes. But what actually happens to your body in the frigid air? Almost as soon as you step outside, your body starts to siphon blood flow away from your extremities to focus on keeping your brain and internal organs warm. That’s why your fingers, toes and ears tend to get cold before your core.

Blood vessels start to contract and reduce blood flow to areas including the face, ears, nose and fingers as a “defense mechanism” against extreme cold.

2019 Zone Meetings

Adams Electric invites you and a guest to dinner followed by a brief presentation during which you will learn how Adams is helping its members to 'Let the Right Light Shine,' through energy efficient choices at one of three member (zone) meetings. Hear how the cooperative's rates compare to neighboring utilities and what the co-op is doing to continue to bring you safe, reliable energy.

Adams promotes two engineers to management

Adams Electric Cooperative recently promoted two engineers to management. Chad Thoman, of New Oxford, was named manager of engineering – electrical, and Jeff Turner, of Dillsburg, manager of engineering – mechanical, Dec. 3.

Thoman joined Adams Electric in 2002 as an engineer-in-training and was promoted to staff engineering – electrical in 2006. Thoman manages the co-op’s dispatch center and will add oversight of the key accounts/safety program.