High School Scholarships

Are you an Adams Electric member and the parent of a high school senior? Adams Electric offers $1,000 college scholarships to high school seniors, who are sons and daughters of co-op members. Applications, deadlines and the decision-making process vary depending on the school each student attends. Please read the options below to see which option applies to you or your local high school senior.


Adult Scholarships

Adams Electric offers college scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to cooperative members with their names on the account (not their children) who have been accepted into (or are attending) a post-secondary or accredited training program (two-year, four-year or technical). The cooperative works in partnership with the Adams County Community Foundation to administer these scholarships. Applications are accepted each year from May thru July.


Adams Electric offers college scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to the sons and daughters of co-op members who are graduating from high school in the springs, and to adult co-op members who are continuing their education in the fall. The criteria and application are different in each case.

Scholarships are funded by unclaimed Ownership Rewards (patronage capital) and do not affect rates.

For more information on scholarships for high school seniors, click here.

Cash Back Mall

With Co-op Connections Cash Back Mall, you can earn cash back on purchases from more than 4,000 leading cash back mallonline merchants. It’s the same sites you are already shopping at today, but now you get more for your money from this new benefit.

This is a free benefit offered to you for being an Adams Electric Cooperative member. To start earning money today, follow these simple steps:


PSECU offer

Bank fees got you down? Thinking of joining a credit union? All Adams Electric members are now eligible to join the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union! As a benefit of your cooperative membership, all families living on Adams Electric’s lines can now establish an account with PSECU.

Youth Tour FAQs

Who participates in the National Rural Electric Youth Tour?

Each year, more than 1,500 students who just finished their junior year in high school represent electric cooperatives from as many as 42 states in Washington, D.C. for the National Rural Electric Youth Tour.

When is the tour scheduled?

The specific dates change annually, but the tour is generally scheduled in June.

How can I benefit by going?