Useful Energy Savings Links

How energy-efficient is your home? We know saving energy means saving money! Making energy efficiency improvements is pretty easy! The links below give you tips, fixes, and programs all designed to help you cut down on your energy use and save money! Visit the online stores to buy items necessary products to help make your home energy efficient. 



Energy Saving Links

Preferred Heating And Cooling

Heat pumps provide a variety of benefits. All year these units help to cool and heat your home. In the warmer months, heat pumps extract heat from inside your home and send it outdoors. In the cooler months, they do the opposite, bringing warmer air indoors from the outside. Heat pumps are highly efficient and help to maintain a comfortable home. They use two-thirds less electricity than resistance heat such as electric baseboard units. They produce the same comfort level as a typical oil furnace/air-conditioning unit combination or a propane furnace/air-conditioning unit combination.

Sign Up For U-Shift Water Heating

There are several ways  to join the efforts to control electricity costs and save the environment. You may have a switch installed on a new or existing water heater.

If you are purchasing a new electric water heater:

Buy an electric water heater from a plumber, home center or hardware store and request to have a switch installed on it. Receive a $50 bill credit when you install a new switch on your water heater. (Adams Electric recommends larger water heaters to minimize cold water problems.)

For New Water Heater Purchases Only. You MUST attached a receipt showing sales location, date, water heater model, gallons and amount paid within six months from the date of purchase. (.pdf files please.) (If you cannot electronically scan and upload a receipt, you must print the form and send/return to any Adams Electric office.)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
I understand I will be contacted by an installer and asked to schedule a convenient time for the switch installation. Failure to allow installation will result in rescinding of the switch installation rebate and credit to the member's electric bill.
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Join the fight to keep co-op rates low and join the U-Shift, U-$ave program. The program shifts the use of participating electric water heaters, heating and cooling units, and other equipment to off-peak hours when electricity is less expensive. Over 10,000 members have helped save over $22 million in avoided power purchases. More participants mean more savings. Let’s keep bills low for everyone – join us!



Going Green

Adams Electric is working to keep the world green for today and tomorrow! Though the true reward is preserving the environment for future generations, Adams Electric has been recognized for its pioneering efforts to deliver electricity reliably and affordably while preserving our natural resources.

Co-op Fares Well With Energy Standards

A report finds that Adams Electric is complying with federal standards that require utilities to implement advanced smart grid technology and help members save energy.

Lighting Options

Lighting Optionssee the light

In the past 10 years, new types of lighting have been introduced at a rapid pace. With all these different choices, you may be wondering what the best type of bulb is for you. Adams Electric encourages lighting with the most energy-efficient, cost-effective bulb for you. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are quickly taking the forefront on the lighting scene.

Ways To Lower Your Bill

Tips to Lower Your Bill

You can lower your monthly electric bill by making a few quick changes around your house with a trip to Home Depot and $50. Or, you may be looking for a long-term fix such as a new HVAC system or insulation.

An energy use specialist from the cooperative will come to your house free of charge to complete an energy audit. The audit will look at your current HVAC system, windows, insulation, etc. The specialist will provide some recommendations based on your specific home and budget.

LED Area Lights

The AreaMax 40-watt LED luminaire by Evluma is the co-op’s current choice for outdoor area lighting. The filed area lightingxture weighs 9 pounds, is gray in color, compact and has a lifespan of about 18 years. It averages $200 per lighting package, plus installation. Each has a monthly fee for use – the LED fixture is $12.75.

High Voltage Safety Demos

The cooperative uses a mobile high voltage trailer to demonstrate the dangers and powers of electricity.  The trailer stands 28 feet long, by 8 feet wide, by 13 feet high and requires an additional 4 feet of clearance at the top for demonstrating electrical arcs. It also requires a 10 foot perimeter on all sides for safe viewing.

While the travel trailer is more of a fair-weather exhibit, the co-op still maintains the ability to put on a high voltage demo inside its truck garage in the Gettysburg District.