Ways To Lower Your Bill

Tips to Lower Your Bill

You can lower your monthly electric bill by making a few quick changes around your house with a trip to Home Depot and $50. Or, you may be looking for a long-term fix such as a new HVAC system or insulation.

An energy use specialist from the cooperative will come to your house free of charge to complete an energy audit. The audit will look at your current HVAC system, windows, insulation, etc. The specialist will provide some recommendations based on your specific home and budget.

LED Area Lights

The AreaMax 40-watt LED luminaire by Evluma is the co-op’s current choice for outdoor area lighting. The filed area lightingxture weighs 9 pounds, is gray in color, compact and has a lifespan of about 18 years. It averages $200 per lighting package, plus installation. Each has a monthly fee for use – the LED fixture is $12.75.

High Voltage Safety Demos

The cooperative uses a mobile high voltage trailer to demonstrate the dangers and powers of electricity.  The trailer stands 28 feet long, by 8 feet wide, by 13 feet high and requires an additional 4 feet of clearance at the top for demonstrating electrical arcs. It also requires a 10 foot perimeter on all sides for safe viewing.

While the travel trailer is more of a fair-weather exhibit, the co-op still maintains the ability to put on a high voltage demo inside its truck garage in the Gettysburg District.

Dry Hydrant Program

Adams Electric has created a dry hydrant manual to facilitate the proper installation of dry hydrants in rural areas. These hydrants are used by fire companies to draft water to fight fires in rural areas. Adams Electric has assisted with the installation of more than 150 dry hydrants.

To order a dry hydrant kit or parts, please contact: Stan Merrett, ETT L.L.C, 751 Moon Branch Drive, Dadeville, AL 36853. Phone: 256/307-1433. Email: smerrett@mindspring.com.

Surge Insurance

It used to be your only defense against electronic-damaging power surges and over-voltages was homeowner’s insurance.  Adams Electric is changing that with SurgeHELP.

SurgeHELP provides residential repair and replacement protection for damages resulting from electrical surges and over-voltages. SurgeHelp will cover any electrical damage (up to your selected level of coverage) due to an electrical surge entering your home over your lines. The program is optional for members who chose to pay for it.

Surge Protection

Power protection for your home and business

Your cooperative has affordable solutions to power surges that can enter your home through electric, phone, cable or satellite dish lines.

Power surges can enter your home over phone lines, television antenna lines and electric lines, damaging appliances and sensitive electronics. Besides replacement cost, homeowners also suffer inconvenience and lost time when a surge causes damage. Adams Electric offers solutions to those problems, solutions that are affordable and comprehensive.

National Rural Electric Youth Tour Meet Me In D.C.

Youth Tour
Youth Tour

Each year, high school juniors can be considered to attend the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Youth Tour, an educational, fun-filled week in Washington, D.C.

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