Generator & Heat Safety

  • Consult a licensed electrician to select the right generator for your home or business. Make sure it meets national and local safety code requirements.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe operation. The correct way to connect a generator is to have a certified electrician install a power transfer switch.

Food Safety

Keep Food Safe During an OutageFood Safety

If electric power is interrupted, food in a refrigerator can keep four to six hours. Do not unnecessarily open the refrigerator door. 

Play It Safe

  • Stay away from downed or sagging power lines.
  • Do not touch anything that is on or near a power line, i.e. trees, tree limbs, cars, ladders, animals.
  • Keep people and pets away from areas where lines may have fallen.
  • If a power line falls across a car that you are in, stay in the vehicle. Note: If you must get out due to fire or other immediate, life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet. Be sure that no part of your body is touching the car when your feet touch the ground.

Superstorm Sandy

 October 2012 Superstorm Sandy Recap

Every storm is different – different personalities, different working conditions, different weather conditions, different management perspectives, but through it all one thing remains the same – you can’t stop what’s coming, you just have to face what’s left when it leaves.