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Ways To Lower Your Bill

Tips to Lower Your Bill

You can lower your monthly electric bill by making a few quick changes around your house with a trip to Home Depot and $50. Or, you may be looking for a long-term fix such as a new HVAC system or insulation.

An energy use specialist from the cooperative will come to your house free of charge to complete an energy audit. The audit will look at your current HVAC system, windows, insulation, etc. The specialist will provide some recommendations based on your specific home and budget.

You can use Touchstone’s Online Energy Audit tool to complete an audit yourself and find some suggestions for lower bills that way, or use the slideshows below for some general guidelines.







Low-Cost Loan Financing

Take advantage of low rates on loans for energy efficiency improvements and energy conversion systems. Co-op members can borrow up to $35,000 with terms of 1-7 years for the projects listed below. Loans can be repaid with payments added to a member’s electric bill.


Heating/Cooling Systems:

  • Heat pump systems which reduce consumption of electricity, including air-source and ground-source systems
  • Heat Pump Plus installations
  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) units
  • Other off-peak installations (U-Shift, U-$ave)

Weatherization Projects:

  • Caulking and weather stripping
  • Insulation (ceiling, wall, floor, duct, pipe, water heater)
  • Storm or thermal doors and windows
  • Attic ventilation fan installations

Energy conversion systems:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal



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If you still have a question about your electric bill, contact Adams Electric Cooperative toll-free at 888/232-6732 and ask to speak to a member services representative.

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