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Vegetation Management

Due to recent major storm events and other considerations, the cooperative has adopted a more comprehensive right-of-way (easement) maintenance program. The program includes, among other things, cutting and trimming of trees and other vegetation as necessary to properly maintain the easement areas. Other obstructions that may exist in easement areas may also need to be relocated or removed. This serves multiple purposes, with a few examples being that a well-maintained easement area allows the wires to fall to the ground, activating installed protective devices so lines are not remaining energized, and giving the line crews restoring power in an outage situation the ability to take corrective actions more safely, with more expediency and with unobstructed access.

The right-of-way program assists with faster power restoration, more reliable provision of power, and the safety of you, our line crews and the general public, among other things.

If a member has a tree that presents potential danger to a co-op line, even if the tree is not in the easement area, please alert the cooperative, and we will send a representative to evaluate the situation. If the tree is already in contact with an Adams Electric line, notify the cooperative immediately. A representative will investigate and advise you on how to proceed.

If a member is planning to remove a tree near a co-op line, call the cooperative for advice. In some instances, the cooperative may de-energize the line to permit a safer removal process.

Learn more about our Tree and Vegetation Management Program.

See what the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says about vegetation management.

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