Surge Insurance

Surge Insurance

It used to be your only defense against electronic-damaging power surges and over-voltages was homeowner’s insurance.  Adams Electric is changing that with SurgeHELP.

SurgeHELP provides residential repair and replacement protection for damages resulting from electrical surges and over-voltages. SurgeHelp will cover any electrical damage (up to your selected level of coverage) due to an electrical surge entering your home over your lines. The program is optional for members who chose to pay for it.

Coverage begins at $1,000 per year and rises in $1,000 increments to a maximum of $5,000 per year. Monthly payments begin at $3.50 for the $1,000 minimum coverage and rise by $1.50 per $1,000 to a maximum monthly payment of $9.50. These monthly payments can be added to your bill. You are free to cancel your coverage at any time.

In addition to SurgeHELP, remember Adams Electric offers a line of high-quality surge protectors to prevent damage to your electronics in case of a power surge. Be aware, surge protectors will not protect against over-voltage situations. Please also remember to contact Adams Electric immediately if you suspect your home is receiving over-voltage because of anything unusual, such as light bulbs expiring quickly and with a “pop.”

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