Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

 October 2012 Superstorm Sandy Recap

Every storm is different – different personalities, different working conditions, different weather conditions, different management perspectives, but through it all one thing remains the same – you can’t stop what’s coming, you just have to face what’s left when it leaves.

Hurricane Sandy – aka “Superstorm Sandy” or “Frankenstorm” – blew into the co-op’s service territory on Oct. 29 a left a wake of destruction along her path. With more than 40 broken poles, numerous toppled trees and wires, and widespread outages, both Adams Electric crews and guest crews and contractors spent five days putting the pieces back together.

View a full log of Sandy updates and the restoration process.

Above, Lead Lineman Vic Brammann drills into a pole damanged in Sandy's wake  atop a pole in Orrtanna. To see more photos, like us on Facebook.


Sandy By the Numbers

Peak Member Outages 8,500
Total Member Outage Hours 165,000
Total Number of Crews 35
Total Number of Guest Crews 25
Number of Broken Poles Over 40

Member Thank You's

"Thank you once again Adams Electric crews! Despite the high winds and poor visibility, you have surpassed my expectations during yet another weather emergency. My power was only out for 6 short hours. Power was restored at midnight while I was fast asleep which means your crews were probably out ALL night. Thank you!!!"

-- Laurie, Orrtanna

"In spite of what Sandy threw at us, the effects of the storm proved that Adams Electric is the best! We lost power for only about 45 minutes Monday evening. This proves again that AEC's aggressive pro-active maintenance program pays off. Thanks again for an outstanding job by everyone."

-- Myron, East Berlin


"The customers would like to say thank you even more as some of us didn't loose power and the ones that did got your undivided attention!! Thanks for having the fore sight in prevention of having as little power lost during events such as we just had by clearing tree limbs back and such during the time when it was the right time and not after the fact!! A++++++ job folks!! Proud to be a member of Adams Electric COOP!!!"

-- Matt, Gettysburg

"Adams Electric is no doubt the best in the biz, power out last night around 9:00pm. Called in, within 20 minutes the boys were here, whacked a few trees, power back up within an hour, and we are in a very rural area.... Thanks for all you guys do"

-- Jerry

"Dear Adams Electric,

Your guys were on the ball. Yes, we were out of electricity several times but your workers were out there and I think they are right up there with BRAVE, BRAVE first responders. I would not want any other electric company."

-- Jennifer, Newville

"Unbelievable. You folks did a wonderful job during the hurricane. I have never been so impressed with a service before. Not even a flicker of light! Well done. You guys are great!"

-- Robert, Littlestown