Storm Q&A

Storm Q&A

Who do I call if an outage occurs?

When you experience a power outage, report it by calling Adams Electric's toll-free emergency service number, 800/726-2324.

What should I do if I see a downed line?

Linemen are here for you regardless of the weather. The job of a line man is unpredictable. One day it may be sunny and 60 degrees, but the next day an ice storm could interrupt power to the entire service area. But you can feel secure. Your co-op's line men know that power outages don't happen when it's convenient. They understand this and they're committed to restoring your power as fast as possible regardless of the weather. If you see a downed power line it is important to stay away from it and contact us immediately. Please do not try to remove anything that might be tangled in power lines.

What should I do if I have a critical care patient living in my home?

Adams Electric needs to know the names and locations of members who depend on life-support equipment. We keep a registry of such members, and it is important that this information be current and accurate. We will make every effort to give priority to restore service to members on life-support systems. If you or a member of your family depends on life-support equipment, PLEASE call us as quickly as possible.

Why did a repair vehicle pass by my house without stopping?

There are several reasons why this might be happen. The crew may be en route to a location where immediate attention is required, such as a live line is down, they may need to inspect equipment along your main line, or they may need to return to base for further supplies. Crews repair damage to parts of the system that bring power to numerous customers before handling problems at individual homes. Please know that we are making every effort to restore power to you as quickly as possible.

Will I be compensated for my power being out?

No. While the power is out, no electricity is being consumed, so your meter does not register any consumption for billing. Upon restoration, none of your appliances will consume more energy than if the power had never been out.