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Storm Central

Storm Central

We are committed to keeping your lights on and we are constantly working to improve our storm-time power restoration process. At little planning can help you prepare your home and family for when severe weather or power outages do occur. The imformation in storm central will help you prepare for an extended outage.

See outage updates and past storm logs.






Outages can be caused by:

  • Weather: extreme heat or cold, heavy rain, lightning, floods, snow, ice, high winds.
  • Animals.
  • Objects such as trees or limbs come in contact with a power line
  • Vehicle accidents 


Five Worst Storms in Adams Electric's History

1. February Ice Storm '14
2. Halloween Nor'easter '11
3. Ice Storm '96
4. Tropical Storm Isabel '03
5. Superstorm Sandy '12
6. Hurricane Irene '11






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