NCB Loan Program

NCB Loan Program

Adams Electric offers financing for energy-efficient and alternative generation projects through the National Cooperative Bank (NCB). 

For more loan or rate information, please contact NCB Vice President Brittney Baldwin (866-499-3517) or by email, or visit

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Loan Purpose

Financing for residential members of the electric cooperative for improvement projects at a resident's home or on the resident's real estate including:solar distributed generation (behind the meter solar panels); battery storage (not limited to Tesla Power Wall); gen-sets (generators and water pumps); appliances (hot water heaters, furnaces, kitchen appliances, heat pumps, etc.); energy efficiency (insulation, roofs, windows, weather stripping, doors, lighting, etc.); HVAC systems (geo-thermal heat pump systems, furnaces, AC units, conversions, etc.); and, any other purposes approved by NCB.

Loan Type

Consumer Loan

Loan Amount

Unsecured: Minimum loan size $3,000; Maximum loan size $30,000

Secured: Minimum loan size $3,000; Maximum loan size $100,000

Loan Term 5 to 8 years available (up to the useful life of the product)
Minimum Credit Score 700 or 680 with 2 months of reserves required
Total Available 100% of the project cost
Debt to Income 43% based on gross monthly income
Eligible Property Type Primary Residence Only
Bankruptcy History None in previous five years
Collateral/Lien Perfection

Unsecured: N/A

Secured: Lien on filing energy equipment

Origination Fee

Unsecured: $0

Secured: $150, due at signing

Prepayment Penalty None
Loan Pay-Off Repayment upon the sale of residence or at loan maturity
Loan Funding 100% directly paid to the consumer
Billing Direct to consumer billed by NCB
Underwriting Income verification required

Pre-closing: Purchase estimate/contract or serial number

Post-closing: Interconnection certificate (if required)