High Voltage Safety Demos

High Voltage Safety Demos

The cooperative uses a mobile high voltage trailer to demonstrate the dangers and powers of electricity.  The trailer stands 28 feet long, by 8 feet wide, by 13 feet high and requires an additional 4 feet of clearance at the top for demonstrating electrical arcs. It also requires a 10 foot perimeter on all sides for safe viewing.

While the travel trailer is more of a fair-weather exhibit, the co-op still maintains the ability to put on a high voltage demo inside its truck garage in the Gettysburg District.

The mobile trailer operates two ways – off a 17,500-watt generator or plugged into a 240-volt plug with a minimum of a 50 amp breaker. In addition, to operate safely, the trailer needs to be grounded before its energized.

Groups, organizations, emergency personnel, etc. who are interested in setting up either a mobile demo at their location or a line demo at the Gettysburg District are asked to contact Lori Kemper at 1-800-726-2324.

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