Electric Inspection/Installation Guide

Electric Inspection

Need an electrical inspection?

Contact your municipality first. In 2004, Pennsylvania adopted a new set of statewide building codes, or Uniform Construction Code (UCC), which changes the way electrical inspections are conducted. Electrical inspectors are certified by the state. Any inspector certified by the state also meets Adams Electric's requirements. Under this system, some municipalities may designate who will provide code inspections for the area they govern.

Adams Electric Cooperative advises its members and local contractors to check with the municipality in which an electrical inspection is needed for a list of approved electrical inspectors.

An inspector needs to have a Code 13 to do residential electrical inspections or a Code 19 to do commercial/industrial inspections. If an inspector has a Code 19, he or she is qualified to do residential electrical inspections as well as commercial/industrial electrical inspections. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry maintains a Web site with more information and a list of approved electrical inspectors.


Electric Service Installation

Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. has put this guide together (see links below) for the convenience of anyone performing or planning electrical installations in the cooperative's service area.

It is not the intention of the cooperative that this guide supersede the National Electrical Code (the responsibility of the National Fire Protection Association), or any state, county, or borough laws or ordinances that might presently, or in the future, be in effect.

The requirements of this guide are not complete specifications. They merely cover electrical information and data of mutual concern to those performing the electrical work and the cooperative, which facilitates supplying electric service.

Compliance with the rules and regulations set forth in this guide does not absolve the member or the installer from the obligation of installing and maintaining wiring and equipment in a safe condition. Further, the cooperative does not accept in any way the responsibility for installation or condition of the member's wiring and equipment. The National Electrical Code requirements must be met, and an inspection card from an authorized inspection agency, licensed in Pennsylvania, must be presented to the cooperative before service will be connected.

The information in this guide will be revised and added to from time to time.

We do recognize that misinterpretations will arise despite everyone's best efforts. If you do experience difficulty, contact the closest office of the cooperative for a clearer explanation. Our goal is to provide adequate safe and reliable electric service to all of our member-owners.

View our Electric Service Installation Guide (PDF)



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