Adams Electric Member Advisory Committee

Adams Electric Member Advisory Committee

The Member Advisory Committee (MAC) is made up of approximately 27 member volunteers (three from each director zone) and their spouses who meet at least twice a year. This committee acts in an advisory capacity to the board and management staff. A minimum term is two calendar years, with a maximum of three consecutive terms (total of six years). MAC usually meets in the spring and fall. Special trips and special meetings can be called by the co-op. All meetings are planned and coordinated by the Communications/Community Services Department. The content of the meeting can be based on important issues or information that the members should know, the need to test a member or co-op related idea with a representative group of members, new technology, change in rates or policies, or based upon a request from the committee itself.

Members of the MAC Committee are reimbursed for mileage to meetings attended.

For more information, or to add your name to the co-op’s list of volunteers, please contact Kami Noel, communications coordinator, at 717/338-1084.

member advisory committee

The MAC Committee gets the first look at the new Shippensburg District office during a 2016 meeting.

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