Adams Electric to begin helicopter patrols

Adams Electric to begin helicopter patrols

Weather permitting, Gettysburg-based Adams Electric Cooperative, Inc. is planning to start a comprehensive aerial patrol of its distribution system in portions of York County on or around March 13.

The aerial inspections will then continue until all critical lines and feeds belonging to the cooperative power system throughout Adams, upper Franklin and Lower Cumberland counties are also surveyed from the air. This can take two-three months to complete, depending on the flying conditions.

The cooperative has conducted aerial inspections every year since 1996. Critical overhead lines that feed power to the co-op’s substations and metering points will be inspected, as well as overhead lines and equipment.

According to Mike Feathers, manager of operations, the crew will fly an average of six to eight hours a day Monday-Thursday, when conditions are appropriate, until all areas have been reviewed.

The cooperative has contracted with Pine Bottom Aviation of Martinsburg, Pa., to conduct the inspections, which will begin each day at approximately 8:30 a.m. The crew, two linemen and the pilot, will try to avoid flying over congested areas and hovering over agricultural operations.

If you happen to see a problem with the power lines or equipment, never attempt to assess or correct the situation yourself. Instead, report any problems immediately by calling 1-800-726-2324.

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